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Foundations of Data Governance Structures (DM 203.06)

START DATE: October 14, 2020
- Duration: 4 Weeks
- Expected time commitment: up to 5 hours per week, on average
- Course Kickoff virtual live session: Wednesday, October 14, 2020, Time: 2 P.M. ET.
- Weekly virtual live sessions: 1 hour each week during the course, each Tuesday at 2 P.M ET, starting October 20, 2020.
- Check our FAQs for more details: https://govex.academy/faq
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Strong data governance practices support an organization’s ability to leverage its data assets to inform decision making and meet its goals while promoting stronger security, transparency and accountability. This course provides an introduction to data governance principles and organizational structures.
Through this course, you will:
- Learn the role and value of data governance practices
- Understand the foundational elements of a data governance plan
- Begin to plan for or strengthen a data governance team within your own organization
This course aligns with the following What Works Cities Certification Criteria focused on Data Governance. The full list of criteria can be found at https://medium.com/@WhatWorksCities/5c514f1dff1b.

- Your local government maintains a detailed and comprehensive data inventory that makes its data more discoverable and accessible.
- Your local government maintains a documented list of data governance responsibilities and meets at least quarterly to carry out those responsibilities.
- Your local government has and carries out documented policies or practices to improve data quality.
- Your local government has documented policies or practices to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Start Date: 10/14/2020

  • About the course
  • Introduction to Data Governance
  • Course Syllabus
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  • Week 1 - Fundamentals of Data Governance
  • Week 2 - conceptualizing data governance and building buy-in
  • Week 3 - Developing a data governance structure
  • Week 4 - Implementing and Assessing Your Data Governance Structure
  • Final Assignment Submission
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed