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WWC Sprint

Cultivating a Sustainable and Durable Data-Informed Government (RFA 016)

Start: November 2, 2020
Duration: 2:00 - 3:30 pm ET

Developing the right technical skill sets for staff is critical, but it is the execution of strategies focused on cultivating and growing data-informed practices that distinguishes the cities that let data-informed practices take root from those that die on the vine. Cities that build commitment and culture are more likely to realize results, whether it’s better stewardship of taxpayer dollars, increasing positive outcomes for residents, or building authentic engagement with the community. Yet building culture is extremely challenging and requires consistent, visible demonstrations of commitment from leadership and staff. At What Works Cities, we have observed the power of commitment to grow an intentional culture. In this workshop, learn from Results for America about how your city can build a data-positive culture through long-term strategies as well as small-input, big-impact steps your city can take immediately. You will learn through real-life tactical examples from other cities. Note: this Sprint has been modified into a 75-minute workshop with office hours to follow.

Recommended Participants: Open to all city staff

Achievable Criteria: 1 General Management criteria
- GM9: Your local government has documented and carried out strategies to embed, deepen, and/or spread the strategic use of data within and across your government.

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