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Knowing What Works: Adding Evaluation to Your City's Toolkit (BIT 101)

From The Behavioral Insights Team, a new course on how to increase your city's data-driven practices through evaluation!

Whether you’re brand new to evaluation, or are simply looking to understand more about how evaluations work in cities, this course will prepare you for your evaluation journey. We’ll be sharing our perspective on why evaluation is an important tool for cities, will show you how you can become a strong advocate for evaluation in your city, and will explain what it takes to design and lead evaluation projects.
  • START HERE: Course Introduction
  • Pre-course self assessment
  • Section 1: Evaluation As a Tool for Evidence-Based Decision Making
  • Module 1.1 - What Is Evaluation?
  • Module 1.2 - Why Should Cities Evaluate?
  • Section 1: Feedback Survey
  • Section 2: Building Your Evaluation Capabilities
  • Module 2.1 - Building Your Evaluation Team
  • Module 2.2 - Organizing Your Evaluation Function
  • Section 2: Feedback Survey
  • Section 3: Designing and Managing Evaluations
  • Module 3.1 - Identifying Evaluation Opportunities
  • Module 3.2 - Gathering Background Information
  • Module 3.3 - Write a Research Question
  • Module 3.4 - Choose an Evaluation Method
  • Learn more: Implementing an Evaluation Project
  • Module 3.5 - Put Your Results to Work
  • Section 3: Feedback Survey
  • Post-course Self Assessment
  • Post-course self assessment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever