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Opportunity Youth (LEARN.Youth)

In the United States, problems like unemployment and underemployment, poverty, and incarceration are often exacerbated by disconnection from school or work at the crucial ages of 16-24. While this disconnection can have many root causes, successful strategies generally involve reconnecting youth with job training, employment, or education. At the local level, city staff and leaders, nonprofits, and school districts are working to implement evidence-based practices to prevent disconnection or re-connect youth with school, work, and other supports. At the same time, new research in this field is emerging, but it is not always accessible by practitioners.

Through this learning community, practitioners from cities, school districts, and nonprofits will interact with one another through virtual presentations, discussions and exercises. The content will be driven by practitioner demand and promising practices, as well as emerging findings from research.
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  • Before we begin...a few questions!
  • Introductions and First Discussion
  • Community agreement
  • Learning community introductory session (slide deck)
  • Learning Community Members
  • Meet the Facilitators
  • Reengagement Evaluator Profiles
  • Opportunity Youth Learning Community Overview
  • end of module survey
  • End of module survey
  • Preparing for evaluation
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  • Evaluation Concepts in Action PPT
  • Preparing for evaluation webinar (video)
  • Using logic models
  • Webinar 1: Using logic models to prepare for evaluation (10/16 webinar)
  • Webinar 1: Using logic models to prepare for evaluation (10/16 webinar)
  • Video 1: Introducing Logic Models
  • Slide deck for video 1: Introducing Logic Models
  • Discussion 1: Upload and discuss your logic model
  • Logic model to Evaluation exercise
  • Measurement and data sources
  • Webinar 2-Data and Measurement.mp4
  • Measurement_Community of Practice.ppt
  • CYC District Report.pdf
  • Reengagement Network Resources
  • Reengagement Policy Brief (NLC Resource)
  • Reengagement Network Census (NLC Resource)
  • Video: Making Connections Matter (Bloomberg American Health Initiative)
  • Brief report- Moving prevention into schools (PDF)
  • School based mindfulness
  • Opportunity works implementation report (Urban Institute Report)
  • Roadmap for Policy Change (GovEx Resource)
  • DC REC Logic Model
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed